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Remembering beloved veterinarian, community activist Dr. Lock Boyce

PATRICK COUNTY, VA – Hi there! It's Thursday night, 7:30, Collinsville, Virginia, BTW21 News and the name of the show is Off the Track, 'cause that's usually where we wind up.

Known to the BTW21 television audience for this introduction, veterinarian, community activist and author Dr. William Lockhart Lock Boyce was better known for what he did to help others in Patrick County.

On August 10th, Boyce, 68, was found dead at his home during a well-being check after he didn’t show up to work.

Boyce was a native of Forsyth County, North Carolina and a graduate of RJ Reynolds High School.

He owned Boyce-Holland Veterinary Services, where he was known for charging low prices, or not at all, and practiced veterinary medicine for more than 40 years.

Boyce studied at KNUST in Kumasi, Ghana and graduated from Davidson College.

He earned his veterinary degree from the University of Georgia and completed a clinical internship at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.

The question is not what did Boyce do, it is what didn't he do?

He was drafted into the United States Army and served many years on active duty.

Hi there! I'm Lock Boyce and I worked my way through college wrestling alligators and milking rattlesnakes,” Boyce said during a special snake presentation at BTW21.

He worked for the Ghana Department of Game and Wildlife while he lived in Kenya for several years.

The veterinarian was a major shareholder in Patrick County, which he called home since 1982.

At one time, he was one of the largest cow-calf producers in Southwest Virginia.

On the board of supervisors, he served both the Mayo River and the Peter’s Creek districts, and served as chairman.

Boyce would be the lone vote on any occasions, especially when it meant avoiding spending the county’s money.

He was a member of the JEB Stuart Volunteer Rescue Squad, which ultimately led him to write and recently release a novel based on his experiences while on the squad.

He was also a musician and the lead singer with the “JUSTUS” band.

Dr. Lock Boyce was a huge advocate for the reopening the county's only hospital.

We now leave you with his own advice.

Be careful out there 'cause the hospital is still not open in Patrick County,” Boyce stated during multiple BTW21 interviews.

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