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PSA to conduct water sampling in 3 Henry County districts next week

HENRY COUNTY, VA – The Henry County Public Service Authority will be conducting water sampling in the Iriswood, Horsepasture and Ridgeway districts.

This is part of the application process to receive funding through the Virginia Department of Health for the extension of water lines into underserved communities.

Samples will be collected during the week of March 20-24.

The PSA says the application requires them to create a sample map to illustrate the current water quality in the area where the water lines are being proposed.

“This is a routine step in the application process for VDH,” said Mike Ward, Director of Regulatory Compliance & Technical Applications for the PSA. “Our hope is that with enough participation from the surrounding communities throughout the process that we will receive enough funding from the state to make this project viable and provide access to a public water source for residents who currently rely on wells.”

According to the PSA, public water service benefits include better fire protection for the home, lower home insurance rates, increased property values and water availability during power outages.

The sampling area will include Chatham Road, Stoney Mountain Road, Mountain Mist Drive, Horsepasture Price Road and various side streets connected to those roads.

Employees will go to select homes and ask the homeowner permission to conduct the sampling.

The owner will be given the option to receive a copy of the test results.

The homeowner’s address, but no their name will submitted to the state, according to the PSA.

Should residents have any questions, they can contact Mike Ward at 276-634-2500.

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