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PHCC creates “buy one, get one” scholarship to meet employers’ training needs

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Patrick Henry Community College and the PHCC Foundation are creating a scholarship opportunity to meet local employers’ training needs.

This new workforce scholarship funding will come from the PHCC Foundation and will assist employers with the cost of professional development classes.

Recently, the college created several new professional development classes to directly address the needs of local employers.

These training courses were developed in response to several community roundtable discussions where employers provided the college with specific feedback regarding their training needs.

However, the college is finding that, because of the pandemic, many employers are cutting training budgets and cannot afford the training they requested.

“It’s a catch 22. They want training to better handle the issues the pandemic has brought to light, but in many cases, the pandemic is also limiting funding for training,” says Rhonda Hodges, PHCC Vice President of Workforce Economic and Community Development.

In response to the “catch 22,” The PHCC Foundation has created a Workforce Scholarship fund that essentially will give employers a “buy one seat, get one seat free” option.

This offer applies to the following courses and is good for this semester only.

  • Leadership Series

  • Living & Working in a Virtual World

  • Leadership Series

  • Marketing/Social Media

  • Business & Professional Development

  • Computers & Technology

  • Food Service Safety

  • Tradesman & Basic Contractor Licensing

  • Innovation & Design

The “buy one: get one” assistance will not apply to Fast Forward programs or personal enrichment classes, such as motorcycle rider, Fab Lab Family Days, photography, or paper crafting.

To take advantage of this offer, employers should contact the workforce development office by email or by calling 276-656-0260.

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