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Martinsville Superintendent's VASS service commemorated at conference

ROANOKE, VA – The Virginia Association of School Superintendents held their annual conference recently in Roanoke where Martinsville City Public School Superintendent Dr. Zebedee Talley Jr. was commemorated for his service.

Talley received a gavel and plaques for his service to VASS as President for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Talley was at the helm of VASS during the transition of state administrations following the November 2021 election.

VASS Executive Director Ben Kiser said, “He has been integral in serving as the voice of superintendents with legislators, the new administration, and the public, during a time when public education has been under attack for political gains. Dr. Talley’s passion and dedication to his school community, his colleagues, and his profession are unmatched. His fundamental principles of integrity, sincerity, authenticity, empathy, and yet steadfastness in what is right, and truth are the basis of who he is as a person, educator, colleague, and friend.”

Talley represented 133 Virginia school districts.

In addition, he has served as chairman and vice-chair of region 06 Superintendents.

Talley joined the school system in 1978.

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