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Martinsville student named regional winner of essay contest

Marjorie Davis, Mrs. Rorrer and Mr. Manns

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Marjorie Davis, a seventh grader at Martinsville Middle School, was one of eight regional winners of the annual statewide "If I Were a Mayor" essay contest.

She was the winner for Region 2 that spanned from Allegheny County to Henry County.

The contest, sponsored by the Virginia Municipal League, drew in over 1,000 entries from seventh graders across the state.

“It has been a pleasure watching her growth. She has flourished during a time when many students have struggled with their place in the virtual learning environment. I am thrilled that Marjorie was chosen as the Region 2 winner of the “If I Were Mayor” essay contest. I cannot think of a more deserving student. I am so proud,” said MMS English teacher Melanie Rorrer.

Student were asked to define a problem, listen to at least three community members, decide if they should use community member ideas, and then put it all together in an essay.

Marjorie’s winning essay focused on combatting the challenges in our community that the on-going COVID-19 pandemic has created for students and adults.

“If I were the mayor of Martinsville after the COVID-19 pandemic, I would perform several actions to benefit the community,” Marjorie stated in her essay.

Her first action would be to collaborate with the local school board to safely return students to in-person instruction.

“Martinsville students have struggled because of home-based distractions and unreliable technology. If students were able to go back to school, these issues would not interfere with their education. Besides, children tend to learn better in person; moreover, they are more likely to understand and complete their classwork.”

In addition to a framed certificate, each regional winner received a check for $150.

“Our MCPS division is very excited and proud of Marjorie’s work, Mrs. Rorrer, Mrs. Newman, and Mr. Manns,” said Superintendent Dr. Zeb Talley “She is an outstanding student and exemplifies what our students can accomplish. Martinsville Middle School has produced the winner two consecutive years. We will continue on our path to academic excellence!”

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