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Martinsville-area anticipates arrival of second Starbucks location

HENRY COUNTY, VA – Martinsville and Henry County coffee enthusiasts are fulled with excitement as plans for a second Starbucks location in the area are set into motion.

Permits recently obtained by BTW21 News reveal that preparations for the establishment of this popular coffee chain are well underway.

Grading for the quick-service restaurant, complete with a drive-through, has been approved and is currently in progress.

The chosen site for this new Starbucks is South Side Plaza, situated at 2840 Greensboro Road in Henry County.

The location is owned by Rural King Realty, LLC.

Details regarding the opening date and specific features of the new location remain scarce.

We have reached out to Starbucks corporate for further information and have yet to receive a response.

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Johnny Eanes
Johnny Eanes
Apr 18

Terrible location with no highway access. Only gonna add to the Food Lion traffic congestion. We need a good buffet resturant like Golden Coral. This town is so bla.......


Apr 15

We need a Popeyes not another coffee shop

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