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Henry County Superintendent announces five make-up school days

HENRY COUNTY – In Henry County Public Schools, our mission is to provide our diverse community of learners with meaningful educational experiences that prepare them for a successful future. In fulfilling this mission, we believe that it is critical to schedule quality instruction time that not only meets state mandates, but supports our students’ learning goals. Inclement weather often disrupts this plan, leading us to think creatively about the best way to ensure student mastery and success. Because we strive for excellence in all we do, it is imperative that we make up time missed due to inclement weather whenever it is feasible to do so.

To date, we have missed the following days: 9/14, 9/17, 10/12 (hurricane)

11/16 (ice) 12/10-12/14 (snow)

We used 10/8 (previously scheduled as a teacher work day) as a make up day.

Many community members have inquired about how a declared state of emergency may factor into make up time. Typically, a school division must demonstrate that it has made every possible effort to make up as much time missed as possible in order to appeal for state of emergency waivers on days that cannot be made up. With this in mind and in anticipation of the projected winter weather to come in January, February, and March, the following will be used for make up days/time:

• December 19 (currently scheduled as a 3-hour early release day) to become a full day for students

• January 2 (currently scheduled as a student/teacher holiday) to become a flex day for teachers so that they have the option of working at their schools to prepare for second semester to begin slightly earlier than previously scheduled

• January 3 (currently scheduled as Teaching and Learning Conference day) to become a regular school day

• January 4 (currently scheduled as a teacher work day) to become a regular school day

• February 22 (currently scheduled as a teacher work day) to become a regular school day

It is our hope to preserve Spring Break, but our team is acutely aware that we may need to use March 25-29 as make up time should additional inclement weather lead to missed instructional time. Should this become necessary, we will make families aware as soon as possible so that proper planning can take place.

We appreciate your role in supporting our students by fostering a collaborative partnership that must include our students, staff and families. A revised school year calendar is attached for your reference.


Mrs. Sandy Strayer

Division Superintendent

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