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Henry County mourns death of General Registrar Elizabeth Stone

HENRY COUNTY, VA – The community is mourning the death of Henry County General Registrar Elizabeth Stone.

Stone, 83, became ill in recent weeks and passed away Wednesday.

“This news deeply saddens us,” said Jim Adams, Chairman of the Henry County Board of Supervisors. “Liz Stone continuously upheld the values of trust, accountability, caring, commitment, and excellence. On behalf of the Board of Supervisors and all of the residents of Henry County, I extend my deepest condolences to her family and friends.”

Stone began her duties as the assistant General Registrar in 1975 and took the helm as the General Registrar in 1979.

In this role, she worked mainly behind the scenes to ensure that every candidate for public office was treated fairly, and the elections were carried out effectively and accurately.

“Liz was the quintessential public servant,” said County Administrator Tim Hall. “She was most diligent about ensuring democracy through constitutionally sound and fair elections. She possessed the highest sense of integrity and commitment. I loved working with Liz and I will miss her.”

During her tenure, Stone carried out twelve Presidential elections, eleven gubernatorial elections, and hundreds of state and local elections.

Stone was the longest-serving General Registrar in the Commonwealth of Virginia, an accomplishment noted by her official Virginia license plate with only a “1” as the number.

In memory of Stone’s service to the locality and the Commonwealth, the Henry County flag will be lowered at all county-owned facilities through the completion of her memorial services.

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