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Henry County business owner wins $566K from Virginia Lottery

HENRY COUNTY, VA – An Axton man’s work routine won him big in the Virginia Lottery.

Mickey Shelton always stops on his way to his small business in Martinsville for coffee and a lottery ticket or two.

That routine took an unusual turn when he bought a 10 Years of Cash ticket and scratched it.

“I had to take a double take!” Shelton told Lottery officials. “I showed it to the clerk who said I’d won $600. I said, ‘No, it’s more than that!’”

He won the game’s first top prize; A choice of $5,000 per month for ten years or a one-time cash option of $566,044 before taxes.

He chose the cash option.

In The 10 Years of Cash game two more top prizes remain unclaimed.

Shelton bought his winning ticket at Chatmoss Crossing, located at 8425 A. L. Philpott Highway in Martinsville.

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