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Brittany Brummit named Henry County’s Teacher of the Year

HENRY COUNTY, VA – “She's an amazing teacher,” said Career Academy student Stephianna Williams. “She really helped me here.”

The Career Academy’s Agriscience Instructor Brittany Brummit was named the Teacher of the Year for Henry County Public Schools.

“It was such an honor. I was so surprised. A lot of teachers work really hard and so I was really honored to be chosen for that,” Brummit stated.

This is Brummit’s 7th year teaching.

She taught horticulture at Magna Vista High School for 5 years before moving to the academy.

She says she enjoys to see student success most about her job.

“Seeing the kids excel and doing things that they enjoy and when they really get to catch on,” Brummit explained. “Giving them opportunities that they wouldn't have otherwise like getting to be around horses and baby calves and bottle feeding. That's something not a lot of kids get to do.”

Her students bragged about the experience and knowledge they receive from her instruction.

“She's a very excellent teacher,” her student Shakayla Thompson said. “She gives us lots of information and provides us with also her experiences, too since we also want to go in the same field as her. I think she deserves being the teacher of the year.”

Student Tucker Roach stated, “She really helps explain the assignments very well and helps doing hands-on.”

Brummit was given a vehicle from Barry Nelson, owner of Autos by Nelson, to drive for the school year.

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