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Bassett Community Center pool may open this summer

BASSETT, VA – The Bassett Community Center could soon have new life.

The community center shut down in September of 2019 after a lack of funding and flood damage.

Now, the Save the Bassett Community Center group is working to reopen the center’s pool this summer and have the entire center open by next year.

“The building will be a little bit later, because we have asbestos issues inside the building. The building was built in 1959. All the tile inside the building is asbestos, so we’ve got remediation to do in there,” explained Linda P. Crabtree, President of the Bassett Community Center Board of Trustees.

On Thursday, the group got some help in this effort by the information technology department from Bassett Industries.

The employees used the event as a team building exercise.

They cleaned the pool chairs, did yard work, cleaned the boiler room and painted.

“We had vandals who broke in and trashed a lot of the different areas inside the building. Everything was just thrown on the floors so they’re picking that up, organizing it, throwing away what needs to be thrown away and we'll get rid of that, hopefully, today,” Crabtree said.

George Bell, former Norfolk sheriff’s deputy, actor and Harlem Globetrotters member, attended the event to serve the Bassett employees lunch.

“It’s all because you love your town. You love your community. You love what’s here. So, I think that’s one of the main assets around the nation. You love your area, you will put input to it. It’s all based on love,” Bell said.

Henry County Sheriff Lane Perry and 9th District Delegate Wren William were also in attendance.

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