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Authorities warn of puppy scam

PATRICK COUNTY, VA – The Patrick County sheriff’s department says a woman has been scammed out of money after answering a puppies for sale Facebook post.

The department says it’s currently investigating the alleged scam that involves a man selling Yorkie puppies for $400.

A local woman sent the man a $150 deposit on one of the puppies.

The victim sent the deposit using the Zelle app as it was the only form of payment he would accept, according to authorities.

After the man got his money, he refused to communicate with the victim.

“Our office believes that this is a local scam and could effect other people in our community if they were not informed,” the sheriff’s department wrote on a Facebook post.

If you have any information about this scam, call Lieutenant Steve Austin at 276-692-5950 or the department at 276-694-3161.

A screenshot of the Facebook post the sheriff’s department shared about on Thursday night.

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