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Another round of wintry weather arrives late this weekend

Photo: Luis Romero

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Say it ain't snow again!

As both winter storm warnings and advisories have been issued for our coverage area until 12:00 pm Sunday, Feb. 7, the area could see anywhere from 2-5 inches late Saturday night into Sunday morning, as well as a mix of sleet and rain, especially for Henry County and the City of Martinsville.

This storm will resemble the Jan. 31 snow event, but this time there will be a bit warmer air associated with it in the southern part of our area.

The time frame will also be similar again, with the moisture starting as rain around the 10:00-11:00 PM, then changing over to all snow after the midnight hour.

As temperatures have been warmer this week, compared to last week, it will take it longer the precipitation start to stick on the ground and pavement. However, if the cold air can catch up with the moisture, then the area could see higher snow amounts.

By the time we approach the mid afternoon hours of Sunday, all of the moisture will be out of the area, as we will be left with sunshine and temperatures in the mid 40's for daytime highs. Overnight lows will be tricky, as temperatures will be in the mid to low 20's, as a refreeze will be likely.

Stay tuned as this forecast will be fine tuned thoroughly.

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