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13 Martinsville, Henry County startup businesses awarded over $37,000

MARTINSVILLE, VA – More and more businesses are opening in Martinsville and Henry County with support from the Chamber's Partnership for Economic Growth.

C-PEG recognized 13 2022 Startup Martinsville-Henry County graduates who recently completed the Success Mindset, an intensive eight-week entrepreneurial boot-camp program, on Friday morning.

This program has since expanded from a small footprint in Uptown Martinsville, to the entire City of Martinsville and Henry County thanks to support from the Campbell Family Group, LLC.

All participants received training at no cost, and any participant who opens a business will receive a one year, free membership in the Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce.

This year’s award recipients received a total of $37,272.56.

They are as follows:

  • GAPS Healthcare, PLLC: $2,025

  • Samantha Turner, LLC, dba OakStone Health and Nutrition: $867.50

  • Leatherwood Products: $4,000.77

  • Four Rivers Counseling: $1,550

  • Stick’s Welding: $4,145.40

  • Naturally Enchanted: $1,372.50

  • And Love: $2,604.89

  • Bear Claw Leatherworks: $2,854.25

  • Creative Contouring by Melinda: $4,000

  • The Cheesecake Lady: $5,552.25

  • Something Sweet & the Word for Your Soul: $5,000

  • Cobler Consulting, LLC: $1,200

  • Faithful Service Lawn Care: $2,100

The initiative has had 253 graduates, awarded 48 businesses with over $334,622 in cash and in-kind funding.

The program's businesses have created over $3,556,000 in new capital investment and created 190 new jobs while maintaining an 86% success rate in comparison to the nationwide 50% average for small businesses, according to C-PEG.

Additionally, Patrick & Henry Community College has provided in-kind Fab Lab memberships for one year at the Dalton IDEA Center to Leatherwood Products, And Love and Bear Claw Leatherworks with a total value of $7,500.

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