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$1,000 Discount offered on Elf Trail water connection fees

BASSETT, VA – A limited-time discount for residents looking to connect to a new water line scheduled to be installed on Elf Trail in Bassett is being offered.

The Henry County Public Service Authority says it will offer a $1,000 discount towards the connection and facility fees before and for 60 days after the completion of the project.

This will make the connection fee $750.

After the 60-day period, the fees will be based on the usual rates.

The fees may be paid or financed at a flat rate of five percent for a 12 or 24-month period.

Elf Trail residents are encouraged to connect to the new water system, if possible, but it is not mandatory and no non-user fees are associated with this project, according to the PSA.

Officials say those who do not connect to the system will still receive fire protection and increased property values.

A user agreement and connection/service application has been mailed to residents in the project area.

Applications must be returned by April 10.

If an agreement and application is not received by that date, it will be assumed the resident does not want the connection installed on their property.

The PSA says as with all residential connections, the property owner is responsible for all costs associated with the service line running from the meter to the structure being served, including installation and maintenance.

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