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Two go to the hospital after Martinsville school bus crash

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Two people were taken to the hospital after a crash involving a Martinsville City Public Schools bus Wednesday morning.

School bus number 22 was going south on Fairy Street and through the intersection of East Church Street when a Chevrolet Silverado ran a red light and was hit in the side by the school bus, according to the Martinsville Police Department.

The crash happened at 7:33 a.m. while the bus was on the way to Patrick Henry Elementary School.

An 8-year-old child on the bus and the passenger of the Chevrolet were transported to Sovah Health by Martinsville Fire and EMS.

“One student was taken to the hospital to be assessed for minor injuries. All other students were safely transported to their school, where guidance counsellors will be checking in with each student. Parents of all students involved have been contacted by the school,” said MCPS Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator Callie Hietala.

The report says 76-year-old Samuel Thomas Martin, of Axton, was charged with failing to obey a traffic light.

Martinsville Police Chief Rob Fincher told BTW21 News the report was preliminary and subject to revisions.

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