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Stone Ambulance Service, third generation business, closes its doors

MARTINSVILLE – Stone Ambulance Service, Inc. confirmed Wednesday evening they are officially closing. Stone Ambulance Service has provided basic and advanced life support ground transport in both an emergency and non-emergency setting, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the last 28 years. The company was founded in April of 1990 to meet an increased need for ambulance services by local extended-care nursing facilities and the local hospital. Operations began in May of 1990 with three basic life support ambulances and one wheelchair transport vehicle. In February of 1991, they were licensed as an advanced life support agency. In 1996, Stone Ambulance entered into an agreement with the City of Martinsville and County of Henry to provide mutual aid to local volunteer fire departments. At the time of the announcement Stone Ambulance operated a fleet of 7 units with four shifts of over 25 employees.

Stone Ambulance said, “Patient care has always been our top priority. Our employees are like family, very well qualified."

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