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Ridgeway community gathers to pray after 17-year-old student dies in crash

RIDGEWAY, VA – The Ridgeway community is turning to prayer to get through difficult times.

Many mourned, shed tears and shared hugs during “Hour of Prayer” Saturday at CrossPoint Church for students and families who have been affected by November 4's fatal crash.

17-year-old Nick Pruitt, a senior at Magna Vista High School, died while Ricardo Mitchell, Luke Burgess and Cole Burgess were injured in a car crash on Soapstone Road.

The community prayer service was organized by Tracee Prillaman, Da Capo Virginia Executive Director and presided over by Robert Hicks, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Southside Director.

“I think the way that we can heal and move on is by coming together in community. This is what community does. It's what community should do. It's what we should be for one another. We should be there in support in good times and in bad,” Prillaman said.

Three church pastors lead a prayer for each grade level and for those Magna Vista student who have passed away in recent years.

Prillaman and Hicks had a similar message for the Pruitt family.

“To the Pruitt family, I just want to reach out to them and let them know that they're not alone in this. We are praying for them today. I don't know none of them personally, but I can still lift them up in prayer by name and there're not alone in this walk,” Hicks stated.

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