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Over 500 Martinsville city employees will lose their jobs due to reversion

MARTINSVILLE, VA – On Wednesday night, Martinsville City Council and the Henry County Board of Supervisors voted to accept the memorandum of understanding regarding Martinsville’s reversion during a joint meeting at New College Institute.

As Martinsville becomes a town instead of a city, over 500 current city employees will lose their jobs.

Henry County will take over the school system and constitutional offices, which will eliminate positions in those services when the reversion process is completed in 2022.

County officials say it is too early to determine to how many city employees could be hired.

“The county does not guarantee that it will hire anyone from the city, not to say that we won't hire from the city, because we will. We'll need to fill spots and spaces,” Collinsville District Supervisor Joe Bryant said at the meeting.

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