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Martinsville Wins Region 2C Boy’s Soccer Championship

MARTINSVILLE – What’s the best way to cap off an undefeated season? To win trophies of course.

The Martinsville Bulldogs boys soccer team

now has two with the second comimg in Overtime. They won the Piedmont District then capped it off with a Region title in a thriller on Thursday night against undefeated Giles.

The Bulldogs have won many playoff games at the Smith River Sports Complex and this one was no different. Many of their shots were right on goal but just a little left or right.

The first goal from Aidan Self broke the 0-0 tie. Giles responded with a free kick through every defender. Wilson Bowles has a chance but Khalil Travis chipped it in for the Bulldogs. Also, a clutch slide tac in overtime from Aaron Dillard.

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