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Martinsville Speedway introduces The Brake Pad

RIDGEWAY, VA – Martinsville Speedway now has a new exclusive Turn 3 backstretch space, The Brake Pad, that offers race fans the opportunity to get closer than ever with views of the short track battles.

The Brake Pad is located on the backstretch of Turn 3 with suite-like amenities in a lounge area with plush seating, drink rails, table space and umbrellas to enjoy the race near the action on the track.

Fans can move around the space throughout the race in the top lounge area with amenities and lower grandstand section with drink rails by the track.

“The Brake Pad will provide race fans with an exclusive experience on the backstretch of Turn 3 that will put them as close to the intense NASCAR action as ever,” said Clay Campbell, Martinsville Speedway President. “We’re always looking for ways to further enhance are at-track race experience, so we look forward to welcoming fans to the debut of The Brake Pad for the NASCAR Playoffs.”

The Brake Pad will seat up to 120 guests and passes include tickets to the races on October 30 and October 31.

It also includes a pre-race experience pass for Sunday, October 31, Racing Electronics scanner for both days, all-inclusive food options, two tickets for beverages, and a cash bar for alcoholic drinks with special pricing, according to the speedway.

Tickets are available for purchase for $169 here.

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