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Martinsville Public Information Officer to host reversion session

MARTINSVILLE, VA – The City of Martinsville’s Public Information Officer Kendall Davis will be hosting a ‘Let’s Talk Reversion’ session on August 25 starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Baldwin Building.

“As the reversion process continues, it has become apparent that some citizens still have questions and concerns regarding the topic. In an effort to provide accurate information, the Public Information Office is inviting the public to the session to have a conversation on the topic,” Kendall Davis wrote in a press release.

Davis said the intent of this session is to inform citizens about reversion and not to influence opinions on the topic.

Although the event is open to the public, only those who live or own a business in Martinsville and provides their address will be allowed to speak during the question and answer session.

For the city's documents regarding reversion, click here.

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