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Martinsville electric crews to work in overnight storm to restore power

MARTINSVILLE – A tree that fell on a transmission line on Indian Trail in Martinsville caused power outages for 700 customers, Tuesday evening.

"Due to heavy rain in a short amount of time, the saturated ground allowed the tree to uproot from the ground," said BTW21 weatherman Dustin Staples.

Martinsville Electric crews were able to restore some power to portions of Indian Trail by their estimated time of 10 PM. As of 11 PM, crews were unsure of an estimate time for power restoration on the rest of Indian Trail and neighboring streets because of the storm coming overnight. They said they were working as quick as possible to move down the streets restoring power.

Staples said, "The rain is expected to continue overnight with a flash flood advisory until 12:30 AM Wednesday and a flash flood watch for our coverage area until 6 AM Wednesday. As much as 2-3 inches of rain has fallen and another 1-2 inches is expected."

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