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Man arrested for crashing into Martinsville convenience store and fleeing scene

MARTINSVILLE, VA – A man is behind bars after he crashed into a convenience store, a retaining wall and a vehicle in Martinsville.

The Martinsville Police Department was called to New Neighborhood Market on Fayette Street Tuesday at 12:46 p.m. after a Ford F-150 rammed into it and left the area.

Police say 63-year-old Garland Kendrick Hairston, of 110 Pony Place, was driving the Ford pickup truck and headed home after the crash.

As Hairston was making his way home, he crashed into a small block retaining wall and two mailboxes in front of 1112 Roundabout Road, according to the police department.

He then continued down the road and hit the side mirror of a parked vehicle in front of 1206 Roundabout Road.

Garland Hairston was arrested for felony hit and run, misdemeanor hit and run, and driving while intoxicated.

He was arrested in his driveway without incident.

Garland Kendrick Hairston

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