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Henry County Registrar’s Office mailing out new voter cards

The Henry County Registrar’s Office will be mailing out new voter cards in the coming weeks with important information for registered voters.

Following the redistricting process, a number of changes were made to state and local districts that impact voters.

Henry County will now fall solely in the 9th Congressional District, whereas it was previously split between the 5th and 9th congressional districts.

On the state level, the County will switch from the 20th Senate District to the 7th Senate District.

The County will no longer be represented in three House districts.

Instead, the western third of Henry County will be in the 47th House District and the other two- thirds will fall under the 48th House District.

In addition to federal and state changes, a small portion of voters will see variations on the local level due to the balancing of magisterial districts.

According to Virginia Code § 24.2-306, the Registrar’s Office is required to notify voters of these changes by mail.

In compliance with the law, approximately 37,000 letters will be sent to registered voters from the Henry County Registrar’s Office.

“Most voters will only notice number changes on their cards,” said Henry County Registrar Dawn Stultz- Vaughn. “Their voter cards will be located at the bottom of the letter they receive in the mail. They simply need to cut it off and bring it with them the day they vote.”

The new voter cards will have a bar code which can serve as a form of identification at their precinct.

Poll workers can simply scan the bar code which will feed into an Electronic Poll Book, a tablet to assist with checking in voters.

“We are excited about this as it will be easier on our workers and it will be more convenient for voters since it is contactless,” Stultz-Vaughn said.

For the small number of voters who have switched magisterial districts, their notice will have new voting locations.

These letters will be highlighted saying “Due to 2021 Redistricting, you voting location has changed. See voter card attached.”

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