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Former deputy charged with strangulation in Martinsville and domestic violence in NC

MARTINSVILLE, VA – A former Henry County deputy charged with domestic violence in Charlotte, North Carolina is also facing a strangulation charge in Martinsville.

A woman, who is a deputy with the Henry County Sheriff's Office, called to report the strangulation on Sunday.

According to arrest documents obtained by BTW21 News, the strangulation happened at a parking lot across the Sportsman’s Club in Martinsville on June 6, 2021.

The woman told police she saw her on-and-off again boyfriend and former deputy, 22-year-old Rayshawn O’Shea Gravely, Jr. of Druid Lane in Martinsville, there while at a birthday party.

Near the end of the night, Gravely saw her talking to a male friend in front of the building, he became irate and began arguing with her.

The woman says she and Gravely were walking across the parking lot of the club when he grabbed her arm, twisted it behind her back and began to push her until she was up against his vehicle.

According to the arrest documents, he then put a hand around her throat and began to choke her.

The woman told the Martinsville Police Department she felt like he was going to kill her and that she was on the verge of going unconscious.

She then reached up and scratched Gravely’s throat to get away from him, he released her and they went home together.

The documents show the woman provided the Martinsville Police Department with pictures of the bruising on her neck with the date and time of the photo matching the story.

She also provided a picture of Gravely's neck where she scratched him during the struggle.

She also provided a witness that stated they seen Gravely push the woman against a vehicle though the witness could not tell where Gravely's hands were at the time.

The woman said she initially "just put it off because she thought it would get better," but on Sunday another incident took place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

There, Gravely was arrested and held without bond for domestic violence against the woman.

The woman was issued a protective order in North Carolina and tried to get one in Virginia, but the magistrate sent her to the Martinsville Police Department to report the strangulation.

Gravely turned himself in after he returned to Virginia on Tuesday.

He is held without bond in Martinsville and is due in court Thursday for an arraignment.

The Henry County Sheriff's Office sent the following statement to BTW21 News:

In our administration of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, we have always expressed to every employee our expectation to conduct themselves as an example of actions and trust to our community. We have never tolerated any wrongful conduct if this expectation has not been upheld. In this, Rayshaun Gravely is no longer employed with the office. This unfortunate incident is something that saddens anyone and unfortunately happens too often in society, regardless of occupation. Abuse should never be tolerated by anyone in a relationship and we hope anyone suffering abuse will come forward for help.

Here are the documents referred to in this article:

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