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Early Wednesday morning high speed chase ends with one arrest

HENRY COUNTY – What started off as a normal traffic stop for a burned out headlight ended with a crash. The chase began on the 220 bypass around 3:00 am Wednesday morning with a Henry County officer and a State Police backup. Martinsville City officers joined the chase once the vehicle exited onto Irisburg Road headed toward Eastwood general store. Three officers continued the chase at speeds up to 70 MPH until a left turn on Hobson Road. Henry County officers responded and intercepted the vehicle with spike strips at the end of Hobson and Daniels Road intersection. The spike stips were succesful and all four tires began to deflate. The male driver continued to 58 West then right onto Stoney Mountain Road for about 4 miles. Around 3:25 am the Henry County officers used the pit maneuver at speeds of 25 mph that lead to the crash of the older model Nissan four door sedan. Officers arrested the male driver who was running because of a revoked driver's license. Officers later transported the individual to SOVAH for an alcohol blood test.

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