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Community leaders read to students in Martinsville, Henry County

Schools in Martinsville and Henry County are joining in the celebration of the National Education Association’s 'Read Across America Week.'

It is a week that was launched in 1998 with an aim to get children and teens reading.

Community dignitaries read aloud to students to promote literacy and to spread awareness of the benefits of it.

City of Martinsville Mayor L.C. Jones took the opportunity to read to a 4th grade class at Patrick Henry Elementary School.

“It's in every aspect of life. Anything from ordering a meal at McDonald's to reading over job application. It's something that they're going to be able to use all through life. It also helps them communicate a lot better when they have to talk to different people,” Jones said.

At Meadow View Elementary School, Henry County Public School Superintendent Dr. Sandy Strayer brought a book to life.

“Today is really special, because we're reiterating to the children the importance of reading. it is my hope that every child reads at home even if their parents are reading to them or if the children are reading to their parents,” Dr. Strayer stated.

Local law enforcement officers, firefighters, other city and county government officials, and other school administrators served as guest readers.

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