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Businesses, individuals awarded for their contributions to SPCA

Tuesday evening, the following were award at the SPCA of Martinsville and Henry County's 44th Annual Membership Meeting:

Nellie Spirit Award

  • Alice Cox

The Longevity Award

  • Lucy Davis

  • Dr. David Jones

  • Dr. Eric Lorens

The Safe Haven Award

  • Kayla Lacy

  • Tara Williams

The Director’s Award

  • Amie Knowels

  • E.C. Stone

  • Debra Buchanan

The Collaboration Award

  • Martinsville City Police Department Animal Control

  • Henry County Sheriff’s Department Animal Control

  • Martinsville City Sheriff’s Department

  • PetSense of Martinsville

  • Martinsville Bulletin

  • Autos by Nelson

  • Pet Clinics of Martinsville and Rocky Mount

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