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Alert Harris host If I had a hammer program

MARTINSVILLE – On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 5th the grade students at Albert Harris Elementary School in Martinsville, participated in a unique hands-on learning experience in which they built a small house in the gymnasium. This project was in cooperation and partnership with Eastman Chemical Corp. who had volunteers present to support the students in the construction of the house. The founder of the “If I Had a Hammer” Program, Mr. Perry Wilson, was also present and acted as the “Master Builder” for the project. This program allows the students to put their math skills to the test through the construction of a model house. Touted as one of the “top educational programs in the country” by the New York Times, the hands-on program challenges the students’ classroom skills while teaching them about teamwork, creativity and real-life application of the math principles they are learning today.

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