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Tiffani Underwood named Executive Director of the PHCC Foundation

MARTINSVILLE – With more than 20 years of professional experience with community and project development, Tiffani Underwoodis stepping into a new role at the college. After serving for three years as the college’s Coordinator of Community Development and on-site manager of the Dalton IDEA Center, Underwood is now moving into the role of Director of Development for PHCC and the Executive Director of the PHCC Foundation.

After Greg Hodges vacated the vice president for institutional advancement position in 2017 to move to another division within the college, the college restructured the advancement division and asked Tiffani Underwood to serve as the interim director of development for the division.

“As Interim Director, Tiffani has been so faithful to this position and to the college,” says Ron Haley, the chair of PHCC’s Foundation Board. “Through a time of transition, Tiffani kept the Foundation and the Foundation Board running smoothly. She has more than proven herself to be an exceptional director. I know I speak for everyone on the Foundation board when I say that we couldn’t be more pleased to hear that she will be accepting the director position.”

Tiffani has a diverse background in both the business and non-profit sectors. Prior to joining PHCC, Underwood was the executive director of United Way of Henry County and Martinsville, community planner and executive director of the West Piedmont Business Development Center,director of business operations for Athena Innovative Solutions (formerly MZM, Inc.), and marketing and research specialist for the Martinsville Economic Development Corporation.

Underwood will be receiving her Masters of Business Administration from Louisiana State University at Shreveport at the beginning of May.She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Mary Washington and an Associate of Arts in Communication Design from Virginia Western Community College.

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