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Cicadas return in Virginia, North Carolina after 17 years underground

PHOTO: Lisa Via

MARTINSVILLE, VA – The Periodical Cicadas, also known as the Brood IX Cicadas, have made a return to southern Virginia, after hiding underground for 17 years.

Over the last few weeks, you probably have seen or even heard these creatures in your yard and around the area.

These unique creatures are harmless to humans and pets, and have a way of leaving behind their exoskeleton on trees, patio furniture, power poles, or even cars.

As the temperatures have warmed over the last few weeks above, more and more cicadas continue to overtake the area.

The soil temperatures have to be above 64 degrees for them emerge out of the ground.

Something that makes them famous is the sound that can be heard in the distance and this sound is frequently produced by the male group.

The organs on their abdomen called tymbals, allows them to vibrate, which attracts the females too mate with.

This typically last for at least four to six weeks in the summer months.

Dr. Daniel Frank, the Director of Pesticides Programs at Virginia Tech, said the reason so many emerge at once is based on the survival numbers.

They also have a higher chance of reproducing successfully in the coming generations.

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