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Sheriff's Office warns of calls from fake lieutenant in Patrick County


PATRICK COUNTY – The Patrick County Sheriff's Office has received numerous calls the past couple of days about citizens being contacted by Lieutenant Lamb. The Sheriff's Office says they do not have a Lieutenant Lamb. The scammer tells citizens that the Patrick County Sheriff’s Office has an outstanding warrant for them for failing to appear for jury duty. He then tells them that they need to give him money to satisfy the so-called warrant. The Patrick County Sheriff's Office says this is a scam and they highly advise you to disregard this request. However, the Sheriff's Office does want you to contact them if you were called by the scammer as they investigate the matter.

The scammer calls from this phone number: 276-595-3712‬. When the number is called, there is an answering machine that has what sounds like a computerized male identifying himself as Lieutenant Lamb with the Patrick County Sheriff’s Office.

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