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Martinsville Electric asking customers to conserve power as temperatures rise

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

MARTINSVILLE – The Martinsville Electric Department is asking its electric customers to conserve power on Friday, June 29, Monday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 3 from 2 PM to 6 PM as temperatures are expected to rise into the 90s.

A peak alert does not mean there is a shortage, but rather it means that demand for electricity across the regional power grid that serves Martinsville may be at its highest point of the year.

“Since electricity must be produced on demand, during peak demand periods, additional generation is required, which drives up energy costs,” noted City Electric Director Durwin Joyce. “Peak alerts are not often called, but when they are we ask that every resident and business take them seriously and do their part to conserve power. Every small action counts, and the cumulative effect becomes substantial and can save the City considerable costs since peak-demand power is often very expensive.”

To help, just take simple conservation steps such as shutting off lights when not needed; unplugging small appliances and electric chargers (especially those with small lights); raising the thermostat a degree or two; closing curtains, drapes and blinds; doing laundry, running the dishwasher and other household chores requiring electricity during hours other than the peak hours; and turning off televisions, computers, radios, and other electronic devices when not being used.

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