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Man receives burns during mobile home fire in Henry County

HENRY COUNTY, VA – One man was injured in a mobile home fire on Hayloft Drive in Henry County.

The Dyers Store Volunteer Fire Department arrived just minutes after the call came out at around 3:40 p.m. on Saturday.

“The whole back end was engulfed and flames were coming out of both sides when I got here,” Dyers Store Fire Chief Tommy Martin told BTW21 News at the scene.

The man received his injuries attempting to put the fire out.

There was one injury, the owner tried to put it out, but he got burned. It singed a little bit of his hair and his beard, but he’s okay, Martin said.

The fire department doused the flames and had the fire under control quickly.

“This is impressive for a trailer that had that much fire in it; to save any of it is something. Seven minutes is the average life of a trailer on fire,” the fire chief stated.

The mobile home was unoccupied as it was used as a storage trailer, but it still had power, according to Martin.

The Axton Volunteer Fire Department and Henry County Department of Public Safety assisted Dyers Store firefighters.

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