Preview: Livy's ice cream shop ready to open Friday

COLLINSVILLE – Attention ice cream lovers! The wait is almost over. Livy's ice cream shop, which will offer Homestead Creamery, is ready to open in Collinsville. Livy's will open Friday at 4 PM at 2842 Virginia Avenue.

Monday, the ice cream shop was built and decorated.

"Some folks may think it looks like a really, really, old building from a distance and that’s what we want. In the past, we have talked about we want Livy’s to be a old country store. This is actually a brand new building," owner Rodney Billings told BTW21.

The ice shop will offer Homestead old-fashioned hand dipped ice cream, milk, milkshakes and sundaes.

"One question we have been asked a lot of is are you selling milk? And yes. We are having our refrigerator stocked right now with quart milk, chocolate milk and of course we have other milk that will be available in a 16 ounce cup."

Livy's ice cream shop will be open daily from 4 to 9 PM. You can visit for a complete list of products offered.

A look at Livy's ice cream shop Monday with the old country store concept.


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