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Henry County student posts “not credible” TikTok challenge threatening school safety

HENRY COUNTY, VA – The Henry County Sheriff’s Office said they received information that a possible threat against an unnamed school was posted on Facebook, Wednesday.

According to authorities, the message originated from SnapChat and was then saved and shared through multiple social media sites across North Carolina and Virginia.

After receiving the initial complaint, the Sheriff’s Office began an investigation and determined that a Henry County high school student posted the message after seeing it on another social media site.

Investigators spoke to the student and obtained information that led deputies to Eden, North Carolina.

The Eden Police Department and the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office said they were aware of the post and that they had been investigating it since Tuesday.

Law enforcement said they tracked down the original Snapchat post and are currently following leads.

“All evidence indicates the threat is not credible, and the original post is part of a TikTok challenge that began out of state. Based on this information, it was determined that at no time did anyone make a threat to a Henry County school or student,” HCSO Chief Deputy Wayne Davis wrote in a press release.

Law enforcement locally and in North Carolina are still investigating this complaint.

The Sheriff’s Office said it encourages parents to talk with their children about reporting suspicious activity to a trusted adult so it can be handled and not to spread rumors.

Contact the Henry County Sheriff’s Office at 276-638-8751 or Crimestoppers at 276-632-7463 with information about this case.

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