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Driver hurt after vehicle crashes into house

Photo by Franklin County Public Safety
Photo by Franklin County Public Safety

FRANKLIN COUNTY, VA – On Sunday, emergency units from the Burnt Chimney Volunteer Fire Department and Franklin County Public Safety sprang into action in response to a vehicle crash in the 6900 block of Edwardsville Road in Hardy.

Reports indicated that a vehicle veered off the road and crashed into an occupied house.

Upon arrival, emergency personnel found the vehicle lodged against the home, prompting immediate concern for the occupants.

Fortunately, the driver sustained only minor injuries, and the residents of the home narrowly escaped harm.

With the situation under control, authorities say they called upon the Franklin County Special Operations Team to stabilize the structure, ensuring the safety of all involved.

Once the home was secured, the fire marshal and building inspector were able to assess the extent of the damage without further risk.

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