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BBB: Fake advertising scam targeting local businesses

The Better Business Bureau Serving Western Virginia says it has recently learned that local businesses are being solicited by a scam artist offering to sell advertising on Carilion Clinic’s hospital patient discharge bags.

BBB has verified that businesses are receiving calls from an individual claiming to be “Rebecca McCloud.”

Businesses are being told that Carilion Clinic has contracted her to sell advertising on these bags.

In addition, the caller is offering a discount if the payment can be taken over the phone.

Carilion Clinic has not contracted with any outside party to sell these advertisements, according to BBB.

BBB was unable to reach the caller by the email provided and the phone number used in this scam is now disconnected.

The company website referenced in the scammer’s email address is not active.

BBB reminds businesses to be vigilant in their efforts to avoid falling victim to this type of scam.

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