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2020 summer predictions for our coverage area

MARTINSVILLE, VA – As the start of meteorological summer began Monday, June 1, temperatures have been feeling like it in our area.

The official start to the summer season begins at 5:44 pm Saturday, June 20.

According to the Climate Prediction Center, an above average temperature outlook is forecasted for much of Virginia, including our coverage are, and up and down the east coast.

We can expect June to start off near normal for the first half, then the later half is showing warmer than average conditions for our are. By the start of July and much of August, long range forecast models are showing at to above average temperature to linger on.

As for the precipitation portion, we can expect to see at or near normal for the month of June.

For July and August, the future forecast is showing near to above normal predictions for our area.

The reason for more rainfall later in the summer months is due to the influence of the southern jet stream, which will allow tropical rain events to move in from the Gulf of Mexico and along the east coast states.

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