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UPDATE: Martinsville man arrested after stabbing victim shows up at police department

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

MARTINSVILLE – A man was arrested after a stabbing victim showed up at the Martinsville Police Department Saturday.

According to the police report, which had not been made public but was obtained by BTW21, the stabbing victim had a laceration to his shoulder. The incident occurred on Coplay Street according to the victim, James Henry Moore, 53, of Martinsville.

Martinsville Police Officers arrived on scene and observed blood on the sidewalk outside of the resident in the 500 block of Coplay Street. The report says investigators made contact with the owner of that residence. The owner stated that they did not know how the blood got onto their sidewalk.

Investigators then made contact with Curtis Orlando Walker, 58, of Martinsville at the residence across the street. Walker had scratches on his right hand, a small cut on the top of his hand and broken glasses, the police report states. Investigators then asked Walker if he had any knives in the house. He told investigators that his knives were under his mattress in his bedroom. The knives were located under the mattress and photographed.

Walker stated that the two got into an argument over Moore not paying his rent on time. The incident report goes on to say that as Walker was trying to leave, Moore came out behind him, hit him in the back of the head and he fell to the ground.

Moore stated that it was Walker who stabbed him. They got into an argument over Moore breaking his glasses.

Walker was charged and arrested for malicious wounding.


MARTINSVILLE – A 53-year-old showed up at the Martinsville Police Department after being stabbed. The individual arrived at the department around 11 PM Saturday.

The 53-year-old was transported to Sovah Health for treatment of his injuries.

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