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Police officer involved in altercation with Martinsville Middle School student is fired

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

MARTINSVILLE, VA – The Martinsville Police Department has fired the officer involved in an altercation with a Martinsville Middle School student on Friday, December 16.

Police say all information is being turned over to a special prosecutor, who will determine whether or not criminal charges are necessary.

We are told the internal investigation conducted by the Martinsville Police Department is ongoing, therefore no additional statements will be released at this time.



MARTINSVILLE, VA – An internal investigation is being conducted after a video showing an altercation between a Martinsville Middle School student and a police officer was posted online.

On Monday, the Martinsville Police Department sent out a press release stating that they were aware of the video that was recorded on Friday, December 16.

According to the student’s mother, another student threw candy at her son and the son threw it back.

The bus driver asked the student to get off the bus, which was at Martinsville High School.

The bus then returned to Martinsville Middle School and that’s where the video starts with the school resource officer next to the bus driver asking, “Who’s not getting off the bus?”

The police officer eventually finds the student in question and says to him, “Alright, sit up. Off the bus.”

When the student is not getting off, the officer says it is a lawfully order and that the student could be charged with obstruction.

As the student and officer are making their way off the bus, another student asks if the officer pushed the student.

The student gets off the bus and he starts to head in the opposite direction of where the main doors to the school building are located.

The officer pulls the student while the student attempts to get away from the officer.

The altercation continues with the police officer pushing the student into a railing.

The student then gets away and the officer pulls out his taser and follows him.

The video ends with both heading to the school entrance.

The police department said the officer was temporarily serving as the school resource officer, but will no longer serve at any Martinsville schools.

More information will be provided at the conclusion of the investigation, according to police.

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Jan 04, 2023

All he had to do was follow the officer's instructions. It's not that hard - just do as you're told and people will be more willing to listen and work with you. Will you be defending this juvenile when he breaks the law as an adult? When he resists arrest and puts innocent lives in danger? Raise them right and they'll act right.


Dec 20, 2022

This is what happens when you have no respect for any authority…good luck living life this way.

Бен Шамиль
Бен Шамиль
Dec 25, 2022
Replying to

Shut up you boot licking scum of the earth... authority is corrupt and criminal.. how deep do you like authority in your a$$

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