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Two Carlisle students to advance to district spelling bee in North Carolina

Scarlett Norman and Anderson Haymore

AXTON – On Wednesday, Carlisle School hosted the division spelling bees for their lower and middle school students. 

Since early December, students have been studying with practice guides provided by the Scripps Spelling Bee, and classroom spelling bees were conducted earlier in the month to determine which students would compete.

The winner of the lower school bee was Anderson Haymore of Danville, who won after 41 rounds and more than 100 words.

Tensions were exceptionally high in the lower school bee as Anderson competed in the final round head-to-head with his younger brother Reese, a fourth grade student.

The middle school winner was Scarlet Norman of Martinsville.

Both Anderson and Scarlett will travel to the Cornerstone Charter Academy in Greensboro, NC, on February 5th, where they will represent Carlisle School at the district spelling bee.

Lower school finalists included:

  • Anderson Haymore (5th grade)

  • Lucas Jordan (5th grade)

  • Reese Haymore (4th grade)

  • Isadora Favero (4th grade)

  • Elliott Stowe (3rd grade)

  • Cedar Wade (3rd grade)

Middle school finalists were:

  • Ariana Osborne (8th grade)

  • Miquel Arao (8th grade)

  • Jack Lingle (7th grade)

  • Scarlet Norman (7th grade)

  • Dylan Spencer (6th grade)

  • Hudson Bell (6th grade)

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