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Snowfall Amounts From Winter Storm Diego

HENRY COUNTY– Over the last 36 hours, we experienced record and early snowfall totals for the month of December. This was part of a Winter Storm Diego that develop last Monday, December 3, 2018, off the coast of California and traveled across the United States. This storm brought snow from the southwestern to the southeastern US. Totals ranged from 1-2 feet in some parts, especially in the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia.

Locally, we did not get two feet of snow, but some areas were close enough to it.

The forecast is expected to remain cold, with high temperatures in the 40's and overnight lows in the teens and 20's. With any snow that does melt during the day will result into black ice at night.

Rocky Mount: 18"

Martinsville City: 17"

Ridgeway: 17"

Patrick Springs: 17"

Bassett: 16"

Collinsville: 16"

Rich Acres: 15"

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