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Severe Weather Concern

The Storm Prediction Center from Norman, Oklahoma has placed our area under a slight risk of severe weather for Monday, April 8, 2019.

A powerful storm system from the central plane states will approach our area later this afternoon (2:00 PM-4:00 PM). This will be our first taste of a spring storm this season. If you have outdoor plans today, you may want to have a plan B to be indoors.

The main concerns will be damaging winds, small hail, heavy rainfall, and even though it is not 0, but there a is a low chance of a tornado that could spin up. The main cause of why this storm is a concern is due to the unstable atmosphere that will be in place.

By the late evening hours (9:00 PM-11:00 PM), the storm should start to exit the area and few linger showers are possible overnight.

As Tuesday starts out, areas of fog could linger in the early morning hours, then sunshine should start to reappear. High temperatures are expected to be in the mid 70's

Please remain weather aware throughout the day and stay updated on our social media platforms.

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