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Repaired section of Dick & Willie Trail reopens

HENRY COUNTY – A section of the Dick and Willie Trail that’s been impassable for months is now open.

When rain associated with Hurricane Florence came through Martinsville-Henry County last fall, some of the fallout was damage to a section of the Dick and Willie Trail.

A stretch between the Liberty Street and Doyle Street trailheads, near the back of the Clock Tower property in Martinsville, buckled because of damage to a water conveyance pipe underneath.

That section is now officially back in service.

Repairs were funded in part by the Federal Emergency Management Agency because of the hurricane-related impacts.

“We are excited to have this trail section repaired, and I know the community is too,” said County Administrator Tim Hall. “Some of our residents were already using the new section before we even finished the repairs. While we certainly don’t encourage that, we understand that the community and our visitors love the Dick and Willie Trail, and they are eager to get back on it.”

The repaired section will need an additional layer of sealing within the next two weeks, which will necessitate its brief closing.

Section 6B, the newest piece of the trail stretching from Spruce Street to the Smith River Sports Complex, also is on target for an October debut.

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