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Patrick Henry Community College launching competitive dance team

MARTINSVILLE – Patrick Henry Community College is launching the Blue and Gold College Dance Team this fall.

The team provides an opportunity for students who have graduated from pre-college dance academies (or even those who are new to dance) to continue dancing through college.

The dance team gives dancers an opportunity to stay competitive during their time at PHCC.

Whether a dancers’ ultimate goals is to transfer to a four-year university with a dance scholarship, launch a dance-related career, or just have something fun and challenging to do while in college, the dance team will fit the bill. 

The dance team is the brainchild of a current PHCC student and is a response to a challenge issued by President Dr. Angeline Godwin.

“I have been dancing all my life. And, after I graduated from the dance studio where I took lessons, I wanted to keep dancing,” says PHCC student and dance-team-founder Amber Treadway. “When President Godwin asked me what initiative I would start, I immediately thought ‘I’d make a dance team at PHCC.’” 

In Dr. Godwin’s student leadership class, she challenges all her students to brainstorm initiatives that could benefit their communities.

When Amber pitched her idea to Dr. Godwin, it was a hit.

Dr. Godwin loved the plan and immediately started working with Amber to make the idea a reality.

“I know this will be a great opportunity for our students,” says PHCC’s President Dr. Angeline Godwin. “By having a dance team, PHCC not only offers an outlet for our students that is fun, community-building, and great exercise, but a team could also help students be competitive for dance-related scholarships at four-year universities.”

Auditions for this area’s first collegiate dance team will be Saturday, August 3 from 10 AM to 12 PM and Tuesday, August 6 from 4 PM to 8 PM.

The auditions will be held on the stage in PHCC’s Stone Hall gym.

Dancers should be prepared to showcase a one-to-three minute dance in either jazz, lyrical, or contemporary style.

Accompanying music should either be requested in advance or brought on a CD or flash drive.

Dancers will audition in the order they arrive.

Previous dance experience is encouraged but not required.

To be eligible for the dance team, dancers must be a high school graduate and a current PHCC student with at least a 2.5 GPA.

This fall, the Blue and Gold College Dance team will initially recruit up to 20 dancers for a performance team.

In the spring, up to nine dancers will be selected from the performance team to become the competition squad.

This selective squad will travel to at least two regional competitions every year. 

PHCC is also actively looking to recruit a Techniques Coach and a Choreographer/Dance Production Coach.

College officials anticipate that the dance team will not only provide students with an opportunity to make friends and enjoy the comradery and physical rigor of a team sport, but it could also open doors for competitive scholarships or even life-long careers. 

To find out more about the dance team, auditions or the coaching positions, contact Athletic Director Brian Henderson at

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