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Patient discharged from Sovah Health in Martinsville after COVID-19 recovery

Updated: May 20, 2020

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Healthcare workers are essential in the flight against COVID-19

Also essential are inspiring stories of recovery.

Those two things came together at Sovah Health in Martinsville.

The hospital released video of a patient being discharged on Monday.

The video shows hospital staff members lining the halls and applauding as the man is wheeled out.

The hospital did not release his name.

Today we celebrated a successful COVID-19 recovery as our patient was happily discharged home to his family. Join us in celebrating him, his family and all the healthcare professionals who worked selflessly and played a vital role in his recovery by providing advanced medical treatments and excellent patient care. Today, tomorrow and the days to come, let's continue to encourage our neighbors who are fighting to recover from COVID-19. You can help by remembering to wash your hands frequently and wear a face covering in public.

- Sovah Health

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