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Nester will seek re-election as Commonwealth’s Attorney

HENRY COUNTY – Commonwealth’s Attorney, M. Andrew Nester announced that he will seek to be re-elected to the Chief Prosecutor’s post.

Nester was appointed Commonwealth’s Attorney in July of 2013 and was re-elected in November of 2015 to serve a four-year term.

Prior to becoming Commonwealth’s Attorney, Nester began his career with the office as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in 2005 before being promoted to Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorneyin the Spring of 2013.

Nester stated he is proud of the many accomplishments his office has made since taking over as the chief prosecutor in 2013.

“Our office has been successful in holding violent criminals and drug dealers responsible for their crimes by securing lengthy prison sentences for these individuals,” Nester said.

“My office has also aggressively pursued defendants placed on good behavior (unsupervised probation) by the Courts and held them responsible for violating the terms of their good behavior. Furthermore, with the help of our Victim-Witness Office, we have actively pursued individuals who fail to pay court ordered restitution to victims of crimes. These actions have resulted in activation of suspended jail and prison time and fines being imposed on defendants that may ordinarily slip through the system’s cracks,” Nester said.

“If you commit crime in Henry County, you will be held responsible for your actions,” Nester said.

Nester also noted the continued efforts to punish drug offenders in the community by the work his office is doing through Civil Asset Forfeiture.

“Since 2013, in conjunction with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and the Virginia State Police, my office has assisted in seizing over $375,000 in cash. In addition to cash, the assets seized include over 50 automobiles, multiple parcels of real estate, electronics, a boat, a farm tractor, and multiple ATV’s just to name a few. In addition to prison sentences and fines, I firmly believe this has a substantial deterrent effect to show those that sell or distribute drugs in our community that it is not a profitable venture and when we catch you, we will take the fruits of your enterprise,” Nester said.

Furthermore, “the money and other revenue generated from the assets seized and forfeited are divided among my office and law enforcement to assist in covering some of our operational costs. This is a direct savings to the taxpayers of our county,” Nester said.

Nester further stated he “has an excellent working relationship with the law enforcement community.”

“This close working relationship with such hard working and dedicated individuals is certainly one of the keys that allow my office to reach successful outcomes in many of the cases we handle. By being reelected as Commonwealth’s Attorney I intend to continue the development of these relationships as we work hand in hand to bring criminals to justice,” Nester said. “I aspire to continue to work hard to obtain justice for victims of crimes in a fair and reasonable way,” Nester said.

Nester feels a call to public service and such service is “near and dear” to his heart.

Nester, who is a life member of the Collinsville Volunteer Fire Department, desires to continue his public service by continuing “to serve the citizens of Henry County as its Commonwealth’s Attorney.”

“I want to continueto give back to this community by working hard to make it a safe place for all of us to live, work, worship and raise a family,” Nester said.

“I was born and raised in Henry County, and my wife, Christy, son, River, and I have chosen to make ourlives here because we love this community.” Nester said.

“There is no better place to be.”

Nester, 39, is a lifetime resident of Henry County. He is a graduate of Bassett High School, Ferrum College and the Appalachian School of Law.

Nester is a member of the Rich Acres Christian Church where he also serves as an elder.

According to Nester, he has properly filed all of the required documents and petitions for this position and has received confirmation from Henry County Registrar, Elizabeth Stone, that he has qualified for the November 5 general election ballot.

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