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Martinsville Firefighters presented awards for helping save life

Billy Akers (left photo) and Brandon McAlexander (right photo) with Fire Chief Ted Anderson

MARTINSVILLE – Two Martinsville Firefighters were presented awards for helping save a life.

Firefighters Billy Akers and Brandon McAlexander were recognized with the Life Saving Award for their roles on an EMS call.

On November 11, 2017, Martinsville Fire and EMS received a call for difficulty breathing, units arrived and found the patient on the fourth floor in distress.

The department says the patient began having a seizure and went unresponsive.

A stretcher would not fit into the elevator, so Akers carried the patient in his arms to the first floor where he was placed into an ambulance.

He then lost this pulse and stopped breathing.

Due to the close proximity to the hospital, the decision was made to perform CPR and other ALS procedures while he was being transported to the ER.

The patient was eventually flown out to another facility where they made a complete recovery, the department says.

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